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Mental Status, Becoming Muslim and KFC. (Yes, as in chicken!)

Sep 17, 2011


Hey there, my sweet friend. I’ve been meaning to write up a blog filled with pics, as they are your favorite…but, mentally, I’ve been in a daze. I have my bright points, so don’t worry, but instead of skipping my mind is lost in a sea of sludge. Even through intentional force, I can’t seem to manifest the hyperactive joy it takes to write something light and whimsical.


Worth the wait though, promise.


As for everyone else, if my daily entries start to wane, it’s because I don’t wish to post anything not worth reading. Currently, I’ve got a blanket of lead coating my heart and an exhausted brain that’s searching for tranquility after the constant thunderstorms swirling within it. A heavy issue has fallen upon loved ones and I’m settling my mind in order to figure out solutions and a way to help.


I had a beautiful time in Leiden with Anthony and Ilse on Sunday - such a pleasant meal and surroundings. VERY “lekker!” Ilse love, I’ve been meaning to write you and thank you, however I got stuck on the usage of “groetjes” and the witty message I wished to compile for you…lost its inertia and eventually, lost itself in the “to dos” that have been cyberly multiplying.


A much needed Reee-yewnion and “Dutch” lesson is in order! You’re precious and delightful, and I’m happy to have finally met you.


In other news, I’ve decided to become Muslim. Ha ha Random, yes. Wow. You all got a “ha ha” out of me. A change in tides! I’ve been watching the documentary “The Life of Muhammad.” It’s a 3 hour documentary so, with my spazzy life/mind/lack of time and NOT being a robot so, SLEEP seems to be a necessity - 3 hours of concentration is a milestone.


It’s my third or fourth attempt. It’s actually playing in the background as I’m writing. (Multi-tasking extraordinaire at your service!) If you’ve been following, or if you really know me, you know that I’ve always wished to be invisible. I yearn to have the ability of disappearing, yet still remain active in life. Know what I mean?


I was born to shine but desire to simply be an infinitesimal sparkle of dust, visually, and an atomic bomb, influentially. Make sense? Some say I’m a seeker for attention because when they see me out, I’m always “the center of it.” Quite the opposite, but I can’t contain the moments when I’m full of excitement/happiness and wish to share. Since I was 5 years old, I said I never wanted to get married, NOR have kids. In my teens, as I visualized weddings, all I could think about is how I would hate that LONG walk down the aisle with ALL EYES ON ME!


If I could wear a baseball cap and sunglasses…..?





I remember when my ex-fiancé’s mom was beginning to plan our wedding. OMG. Celebrities, the press, the works. I looked at him, pulled him aside and was like, “We’re going to Vegas, you know this, right?”


Ha ha You’re confused. Don’t worry. All will be explained/revealed one day. You’ll just have to buy the book. Ha ha


Getting back to my Muslim subject: The presenter was interviewing a Muslim woman who goes about her daily life, FULLY covered including a full-faced veil on her OWN ACCORD. It made my canine light bulbs perk up. Hmmmmm? (Expressed like Scooby-Doo)…would be interesting to see how the world reacts to me, if I do veil up.



Stay tuned.




That’s it. Shutting up and shutting down now. Time to get something to eat.
(Here's part 3/3 incase you wanted to watch...the last few minutes are my favorite)





Embracing you as always. Thanks for your time.



Cara xoxo




Indy, this pic is for you.
Since my mind began to lift as I wrote this...
I'll share a pic.


I don't get this. Do you?
Gloves and everything with a DAMN bucket of chicken





So, does he take the gloves off while he eats?
Is ALL that chicken for him?

What message is this advert supposed to express? 

What is he looking at?


Other cyclers closing in, getting ready to gang him up and steal
his precious purchase?


What say you?



There, that's me.


I'm truly shutting up now.

You're welcome.

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