Where is Cara now? NYC for a week, then down to Washington, DC and right back on up again. An apple a day as they say!


A video I made for my dear friend Tara, who lost her beautiful sister and best friend Lynn. A great song from Carrie Underwood - There's a Place for Us.


FRESH NEW VIDEO!!!! (Sept 27th 2010- MEXICO BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't miss this one! Plus, clips from my birthday! Well, the morning of) Just some of the MANY awesome friends and adventures I've had within my 3 month visit to Playa Del Carmen. When will I leave???? Well...after watching, tell me when WOULD YOU?!?!?! (Got some motorcycle rides in there too. You know, no CW video is complete...without some biker clips!) Can't be viewed in Germany. Sorry. Thanks UMG! (Universal Music Group!!)



One of the most popular videos and trips to date. Reno and Vegas with my SEXY'n'SWEET Scandinavian crew. Plus a few hot tamales from the US of A!!! If ya like sexy half naked chicks, and motorcycles, maybe you should give this video a go.




Dominican Republic, California, Texas, Trinidad & Tobago, Costa Rica, Mexico, Belize & the Bahamas.

Some of my travels, for the year, I've decided to compile into one vid. To all my friends, who feel so close, yet so VERY far away I miss and love you all, til it hurts and tears start to form. Making this video was both uplifting and depressing. Not depressing, "oh I wanna slit my wrists" ha ha But, sad, that I can't have all my ingredients (YOU) to the recipe that results in my happiness ALL IN ONE PLACE. I hope everyone's 2010, is as FABULOUS, fulfilling, & as COMPRESSED with smiles and love as mine has been. That, which is not shared, is a false satisfaction that will leave you void and stagnant. Live. Laugh. Love. Reinvent the world around you, fasten your seat belts and let's FLY!
"Everybody come take my hand. We'll walk this road together through the storm whatever weather cold or warm just lettin' ya know, you're not alone."
"Todos vengan y tomen mi mano. Caminaremos juntos este camino sin importar tormentas o días soleados haciendoles saber que no estan solos."

- All my love **Cara**


Dental visit in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.



Couva Ride - Trinidad & Tobago 2010
(Awesome biker crew I met the NIGHT before I was leaving)

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