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Caraizm - What it be!

The belief in a higher power.

Something bigger than themselves, but not apart from themselves.

A universal force that we all possess, but all too often, leave neglected and unkept.

The belief in one's personal strength to alter the life forces surrounding themselves to change the world for the better.


Caraizmics discipline themselves in being:


- Compassionate

- Selfless

- Giving

- Joyful

- Kind

- Helpful

- Considerate

- Trustworthy

- Open

- Thoughtful

- Non-judgemental

- Humble

- Loving


We are human. Born and given a life and experiences unique to ourselves. We are far from perfect, but if granted a sound mind, possess the ability to think thereby the ability to choose right from wrong.

We may slip off our paths every once in a while, but the important thing is to KNOW when we've fallen.

Present Moment Awareness (PMA, not to be confused with PMS he he) is a key factor in Caraizm.

If you are in tuned with each moment as it passes you by, you can focus on each choice, path and decision more wisely.

Clear your thoughts of jealousy, hatred, lust and greed.

Concentrating on what you want, not need, what you don’t have, what someone has that you don’t, and why will only poison your mind and jail you from the true beauty which surrounds you.

Losing yourself in mistakes of the past and worrying about the questionable problems of the future arrests the mind as the present becomes the past dissolving away...blurred and lost forever.

We help all that seek our aid, to the best of our ability.

We do not limit ourselves to other Caraizmics.

We welcome all beings as we are all created equal; no one above, or below, better or worse.

We "preach" Caraizm, by living it.

We "preach" silently through our actions.

Religions and beliefs outside of Caraizm are appreciated for their differences...and seen as they are, different;  accepted and praised for the individual ways in which they bring about positivity to the lives that follow them.

We do not force feed our "system.” Each one of us, has our own path and we must find the one that most suites our needs and will help us grow.

All actions rooted in love - true, untainted, and pure - is never wasted, and never wrong.

True love, seeks not to gain, but to give.  

Caraizm is a way of life, not a religion.

There are no weekly gatherings, no archaic prayers or hymns, no structured sermons, etc

Our "temple" is right outside, always within reach.

Take only what is needed, try not to waste or overindulge. Maintain balance.

Respect all living things and treat them with care and compassion. 

Life is to be enjoyed, but take heed that you do not walk aimlessly without contemplation and direction for it is in those moments, negativity will consume you, darken your path and knock you to the ground, when you least expect it.


Keep in mind, that true success, is rising with those around you, upon your shoulders.




For thee, I give my life because within thee, I see love.



- Thanks for stopping by.

       Cara xoxoxo

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