Where is Cara now? NYC for a week, then down to Washington, DC and right back on up again. An apple a day as they say!

About CW

 Crazywheelies.com is a representation of Caraizm, in action.

Brainchild of travel nut and biker junkie, Cara Bear Chanderlust, the CW website has evolved over the years; from a motorcycle racing site, to a popular blog, and now…to whatever monstrosity it is today. Like its mentally imbalanced, bipolar, attention deficited hyper-activated, self-medicated, in and out mother, it has also come in and out of existence, taking leaves of absence from the world, every now and again. The core desire behind bringing CW back, is to spread happiness to those who need a smile, knowledge to combat ignorance and information solely for entertainment and sharing, and most importantly, to hopefully open one’s eyes to the possibilities that exist if we only set ourselves free.



 Thanks for stopping by!!!

Cara xoxoxo


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