Where is Cara now? NYC for a week, then down to Washington, DC and right back on up again. An apple a day as they say!

Frequently asked Questions

Who built your website?

This website was done by Netricks, Inc.

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Are you a photographer?

I hate labels. I'd rather say, I have a passion for capturing life. I got my first SLR when I was 11 and have been a snap-a-holic ever since. When I hear the word "photographer" I think of someone who makes a living taking pictures. This, I do not do. Nor, would I really want to. I feel you lose the beauty behind the natural desire to create when forced to act upon something that doesn't spring from within. Art, should never feel like work, unless you are getting PAID TOP dollar so that you can live with the slight discomfort it may bring. I have been paid, to take pictures, but at a hefty price. If it's someting I would not already be driven to do, YES, I'm going to charge A LOT. :) A balance needs to be made between lack of initiative and compensation. My father, among many other things, was a photographer and won a Photographer of the Year award from Hassleblad. Not until THIS year, have I sought him out for advice. Yes, I can be a clever little cookie at times, but at the same time A COMPLETE DUMB ASS! - I so don't like the flow of this entry. But my original one mysteriously disappeared. **tear**

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How do you travel so much?

I just do it! Nike stole its catch phrase from my life. Lawsuit's still in progress. I take life's flows, and it supplies me with what I need. After many deep, dark battles, life has come around and spoiled me. I'd also like to be back racing motorcycles, however, that's a WHOLE other CHUNK OF CHANGE in itself. Financially, I had to make a decision, either travel, racing OR travel AND racing AND a whole lotta STRESS!! Racing will come again soon, I can feel it and when the time is right everything will fall into its proper place. I wish I was more into skateboards. ha ha I can afford a TON of those!

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Where are you from?

I was born and raised in Freeport, Bahamas. My parents are from Shanghai and Hong Kong, but have only been back one time within the many years they've been living in the Bahamas. My mother moved to the islands with her family when she was 14, and my father alone, when he was 18. (I don't want to mention the amount of years they've lived in the Bahamas...or my mom would kill me) NOT that she's old. :)

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Why do you travel?

If I wish to see historical monuments, or famous buildings...I can sit in the comfort of my own home and watch the travel channel. I visit different places and countries for the people. Mostly, for friends or with friends. I LOVE languages, and immerse myself in them wherever I go. I enjoy saturating myself in the entire spectrum of a culture as well. From the depths of poverty to the richness of the commonly unattainable. And with this site, I hope to show you the worlds I experience.

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WHY do you travel so much?

A Mental Disorder.
To run away from painful scars of the past?
Too many cherished friends splattered all across the globe to visit.
Because I can?
I've self diagnosed myself as ADHD. So yeah, I'm easily distracted and find it difficult to remain focused, unless it's something I REALLY have a passion for (to where I become a heat seaking missile and don't lose concentration until I hit my target, even if it keeps me up for days), and I need constant change or my mental systems go into critical mode and eventually shut down.
I've been the same way with relationships. It needs to be AMAZING and 100% fulfilling. Something I can't live without, or...I'm gone.
I'm intense, so need things around me, to be the same or I fall.
It's like a pull, inside of me. Something that says, "OK, it's time to move on" When that comes around, I follow it.

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What are your TOP passions in life?

People: my mom and dad, my FABULOUSLY AWESOME UNIQUE ONE OF
A KIND, without whom, my life would be NOTHING friends
and the delicate, pure, sweet, interesting souls of all ages I
meet along the way.

MOTORCYCLES, MoTorCycLes, motorcycles. Did I say, MOTORCYCLES???

Photography. Mainly, capturing beautiful/funny/entertaining moments
that surround my life.

Travel. Discovering new places, cultures, languages and people.




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What do you do?

I always get this question, as people want to know how I bounce around from country to country all the time.

Most of my time is occupied with friends; Catching up online, or planning trips. My life is measured by the friends that I keep and they are irreplaceable. I'm truly blessed. When I'm inspired to, I write. My brain is a constant flow of words and sentences zig zagging and bouncing off the walls of my skull. Typically, you'll find me going with the waves of life, letting it lead me to wherever it pleases, and enjoying it as each random moment passes.

Essentially, I have no direction and always leave myself open to possiblities which I feel has brought me farther than a single track could ever take me.

I've done a few online projects and was involved in a dot com like 5??? years ago? (Time flies) So made a sizeable amount of change. Other than that, I'm just flowing along the waves of what excites me!!! I love learning new things and will try anything once. Twice, if I like it. Always, if I can't live without it. :)

Before that, I've had different sets of lucrative businesses. Not much work, but nice chunks of dinero. Which is always pleasant. I did work 6 months at Nova Southeastern University when I was errrr...21? I'm bad with time frames. (If it's not in an album on Facebook, I'm lost.) It was for the tuition benefits. However, I fell in love, quit and moved. I follow life, not necessarily, responsibility.

Work, may someday come back into my life. Who knows? However, after a few VERY dark moments, my life has only gone UP! And everyday finds itself on a HIGHER PLAIN than before. I swear, when I think, it can't POSSIBLY get any better. It does. Like the real estate bubble, I'm just waiting for it to pop. Seriously! But, I try not to think about that, as when that time comes. I'll deal with it! If one day, I'm resorted to,"Do you want fries with that" well then, SO BE IT! At least, I've enjoyed everything I've wanted to do, when I could! Living life, with no regrets.

**Do what drives you, live life through LOVE and hopefully the rains of destiny will splash down on the roads in which you desire. Give everything you truly EMBRACE, your all, up until your last breath. Trust your gut. Not beer belly. ha ha**
If you REALLY want to know my past...you'll have to wait and BUY the book. :)

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Who are you?

I am the voice of reason. Just shut up, listen and obey. You're in good hands.

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