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Go Poppy Project! Sex trafficking victim gets PAY OUT! $$$

Sep 13, 2011

  The Moldovan woman was first kidnapped and trafficked

at the age of 14 and was continuously re-trafficked til the age of 21.


In 2003 she was arrested by police and immigration officers
during a raid in a London brothel. She was charged with possessing false documents. (Documents that were provided to her by her traffickers)


She was thrown into jail for 3 months then sent back to Moldova where she was found by her traffickers, abused, raped and trafficked back into prostitution for another 2 years until UK authorities arrested her again.


This time, THANKFULLY, she was recognized as a trafficking victim and referred to the Poppy Project.


(A UK organization that provides accommodation and support for women who have been trafficked into prostitution or domestic servitude. It was set up in 2003 and is funded by the Office for Criminal Justice Reform.)


She’s been granted a sizeable settlement from the Home Office ("for failing to take any steps to protect her and for sending her back to Moldova in 2003 even though there were substantial grounds for believing she was at risk of re-trafficking") and refugee status as the Moldovan authorities have proven that they are unable to provide her protection from her traffickers.


A positive dent into this sick reality.




Grab your hammers people, forget the dents, let’s BREAK this shit open and destroy it!


(Me - wishful thinking as always. But, no matter the size of the ripple, each  D R O P  of success and upward progress that we manage to obtain helps add another layer of defense against a world that’s crumbling down around us.)


(Many people tell me I "CAN'T" change this "world." Or that it's the "oldest" profession around - like I'm supposed to simply accept it or something? I may not be able to eradicate it, but I WILL make a change. Never tell me I can't...

cuz I'll exhaust every fiber in me to show you


just how I CAN.

(Still figuring out how to FLY like Superman...but gimme time, I ain't dead yet!)




Thanks for stoppin' by!!!





trafficking victim

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