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Sep 11, 2011

I'm having one of those
Feelin' cute today "I'd even do ME" days.

(Doesn't happen often, so thought I'd share)


Inside though, especially my head, I'm a rotting zombie.
(red wine)


Goes to show, my therapy for the weekend worked!
Back on track.

And geared up to attack the world again!


A little "trainwrecked" braincell-wise...


However, hopping out in a bit to meet my "brother"
Anthony, grab a Starbucks (wake the suckers up) and head into Leiden
to meet and have some din din with his Aunt.
(who's a writer and has worked with a lot of the NGOs here)


Maybe my visual perception of myself today
is distorted by overdoing my chemical consumptions
however, I'm enjoying my present reality...


So no complaints!

"Mirror, mirror on the wall..."

ha ha


Cheers to a fabulous weekend.

Happy Sunday ALL!



sexy cat


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