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No more of YOU, can EVER be...a part of ME.

Sep 05, 2011




I have a love-hate relationship with words.
I enjoy the massive  S E L E C T I O N  I possess, in the English language, cuz 
I can pull out and pinpoint an exact feeling
and bring someone else there with me, for the most part.



But on the flipside, words are so vacant.
A person can paint the world into rainbows
but underneath the layer of bright'n'beautiful colors
exists a useless coating
that cracks and peels away from its foundation
making the entire visual a rotting image of worthless




I cherish and embrace SO many people in this world.
Most, probably don't even know just how special they are to me.


People become great in my life and eyes...

through the person that they are

the purity and love I see in them

the love they have for those around them

and the way they treat and appreciate others.


You can write me a book of words and promises of

WHO you are

Of WHAT you can do for me

and HOW you only wish the best for me...


But in the end, a single action can demolish an entire language.

It's old.

But it stands the test of time and spreads the truth.

Actions, speak louder than words.

Live not by littering the world with your pointless words, live instead, by cleaning it up with your actions.


Keep your poisonous misery to yourself.


You may say that you are "happy", but I feel, there MUST be misery...

Deep down.

In denial.



Boiling within you, in a place you can't see


Cuz a person, filled with TRUE happiness
would never act as you do.


You try to "say" you are not like all the others.



You're right.

You're not.



You're worse.


Today, at dusk, I went on a walk.
The wind was high, crisp and haunting.
It was like a storm landed...arriving with its own soundtrack.



The line that stood out and had me feeling each word was

"All that bullshit's for the birds, you ain't NOTHING but a vulture"


Everytime I heard that line, as I had the song on repeat...
I thought of you, got all geared up, clenched my teeth down on
my bottom lip,


nice and tight, wrapped it around the "V"




sang it and smiled.

Cuz it ain't a surprise.
Shit like this has happened to me before.
Over and over.
That's why, there's that layer you always ask to be let into...

Yet, the gates remain welded shut.

STEEL baby.

Ain't no one, EVER gettin' through these gates
and your actions within the past few months

have shown me, what a WISE decision
I make...



You keep trying to push your way to my top.
Yet, as each passing day becomes a yesterday


you do something that builds bricks between us

and for each brick


you layout MILES of road distancing that destination you strive for.


I’m not good with scars.
You sour me once…

I can usually forgive.



But if you keep falling into weakness
and snapping into this demon you so wish to be rid of
while asking my help as you are doing so…

I dunno man.


I’m the last person that should receive your poison
and you know it.

All I’m saying is watch it.
Think over what it is you want

Cuz with me



Once a switch clicks off…

Lights out.


We’re finished.



This is not a threat.
It’s just how I’m wired.
I'll naturally begin to despise you

forget you

and yeah

there's basically no turning back from there.


I swing the doors of my heart open





However, each stab produces a scar
and as each scar forms
the heart becomes tighter and tough.

Less free to beat as it desires.


And it is then, that those bricks build a wall around my heart






No more of you, can ever be


A part of me.


To all my other beautiful friends...
I gotta damn cramp writing out who to tag for this post.

18 damn pages.



I tagged you, to say "HELLO"
As sometimes, things get a bit much...

facebook messages

And I can't email you ALL at once.
So it's my way of showing you...


You aren't forgotten.




For my Bahama peeps...


This is yesterday's unique visitor count.
ha ha

Cool, no?
(For everyone else, that's our area code)


You slunkin' behind the states doe.
Where's my island SUPPORT man?

Top 25 Countries Yesterday

top 25 

My China numbers are going up.
It's climbed up from down in the 100s...
I'm most likely blocked, like I am in a few other countries
but the numbers are increasing...


Wait til I actually GO there...


And Brazil!


Eu amo você!!! BEIJOS!!!!!!!!

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