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9/11 Anniversary Mentally TWISTED Children's Coloring Book.

Sep 02, 2011

Sept 11#

Came across the news of this new coloring book on the market.
A dear friend of mine in Portugal took the time to contact the American Embassy
for me to check up on ways around the 3 month Schengen Area visit limit.

She couldn't get much info as she isn't American.
What she DID get was a warning about wearing anything American
or Patriotic because of the "threat" in regards to Bin Laden's 10th Year Anniversary attack plans.

Yeah, that's me.
I'm a big ball of red, white and blue!

ha ha

It's the 10th Anniversary of 9/11.
I don't know my days, from my months usually,
(yesterday, I thought I was still in 2010)

so it was news to me.


10 years huh?
Crazy how time flies.

I wonder if we can figure out how many WHACK jobs there are
per country cuz I sense that most of them reside
in the US.


K. Here we go.
Just googled serial killers and came across this list



You WILL not find the US on there.
You know why???

Because they have their OWN damn PAGE!!!
Check it and compare!



sept coloring book

This is a page out of the "PG" Rated children's publication.
It's a recreation of Bin Laden's assassination.

Is this really the stuff you wish to taint the minds of our youth with?

children coloring book


 News report on coloring book.

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