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The Test (Of Love & Selflessness)

Aug 29, 2011




Here’s the test. I wanna PROVE myself wrong. I wanna see that the world, truly, isn't such a disappointment. SHOW me, that a SECOND of your time isn’t TOO much to ask…to save a life. With everything I’ve TRIED to do, to raise funds for Susan, you’d think we were LONG time pals…or at least, spent a significant amount of time together to warrant the “PASSION” behind my cause for her.


To tell you the truth, I have NEVER met her kids. I have NEVER been to her house. I probably have NEVER spent MORE than 30 mins, in her presence. However…


I DO remember meeting her and Becky. From the MOMENT I met them, I knew. I just knew, that they were “special.” Maybe it was because my jokes and forwardness ignited their smiles and chatter, instead of blocking them. They embraced my “stupidity” instead of shunning it. For me, in that instant, they showed me “heart.” (Acceptance/nonjudgement)


I instantly “loved” them, in a way. I’ve come across a LOT of people in my life. I’ve had the “privilege” of time, “status” and experience to meet and be exposed to ALL walks of life. From the billionaires whose lifestyle amaze most of you, to the crack dealer in a hut 2 minutes off the bridge of Paradise Island, Bahamas. Been there, done that…so WHAT?!?!?!?!


All I’m trying to convey, is that I’ve met ALL walks of life…and A BUNCH of ‘em. When people shine out to me, I don’t let them go. I am 31 years of age. 32 this coming September. I’ve “worked” probably, not even, 5 years COMBINED…IF THAT, in my ENTIRE LIFE. (Including the summers I worked when I was in middle school and up, so I've had a LOT of time on my hands...“apparently” to most, I “live the life” I rather say, I've chosen my paths wisely.) That doesn’t mean I “rode” on someone else’s coat tails. I’ve just never been a “mule/rat," never really "wanted/needed" much, and I’ve done things, MY WAY. The simple life, under simple rules. My own.

Ask my mom, MOST of her frustrations come from not being able to control me.

We're only slaves to those who have something we want.

After boarding school, I’ve paid my own way which gives her no power over my life.


I’d rather be homeless, than live under a diamond castle bridged by rules.

I always tell the "youngsters" who wanna do things "their" way


Just don't be holding your hands out to mommy and daddy.

Stand your own ground and you can live by your own desired rules.




If you’ve gotten THIS far (reading), awesome. “HI.” You’re cool. Ha ha


Can’t you do something, “just because??” When I heard of Susan’s condition, my entire world…stopped. All I could think about, was how I could help. I understand that MOST people don’t have the “time” I have. I understand, how there are “MANY” causes, MILLIONS, of causes around the world. HOWEVER, all I’m asking is a click. If you feel MORE compelled to help, then SHARE. How hard is that? I’m not asking a DIME out of your pocket. I’m giving you an EASY way, to get a DIME out of mine.


Click and share.


I already KNOW I’ll be giving Susan and Becky money, on my birthday. It’s the only way to celebrate that made me smile, without doubt, filled with satisfaction BUT I wanna see “the world,” step up.


I’ve been up and down and in and out of almost EVERY experience known to man. I enjoy this, because with walking the same paths, it’s easier to act through compassion. (at least, that’s my take) I’ve been with money and without. I’ve been to the top, down to giving away my last $10, to walking away from millions.


Imagine someone making $500,000.00 a year. A lot, right? Some would say so. Imagine ADDING those last 2 zeros, taking away the decimal, adding another “0” HAVING it, and walking away from it. Meet, me.


I can tell you right now, money…helps, in certain ways but my happiest moments, have blossomed within the days, I’ve had the least. Sometimes, nothing at all, just amazing people who barely have much themselves.

A few weeks ago, I sailed the archipelago of Stockholm.


As my friends chatted about and marvelled at the
waterfront mansions...

I thought to myself, wow. That's not much at all.
I could have had ALL that, and more.


The lifestyle.


The, to most, unattainable dream.


And yet, as quickly as the thought came to mind...

I found happiness, in the moment,

in the gorgeous clear sky above and in the sunshine

of a perfect day


with amazing friends.




I wish the world would stop chasing.


Looks, fashion, image, status, money.


It’s so empty…but like a high left unsatisfied, you chase.


Whatever floats ya boat really. I’m not one to judge. However, I do FEEL. I feel the LACK of action from others. The “whys” of people unwilling to help; Even in the simplest of ways and it drowns me. Holds me down, underneath the sea of “hope” confused as to the mentality of those who just standby while it floats RIGHT by them, within reach and yet, there they are…with their hands/arms hanging, motionless, beside them.


I wish I was still a smoker. NOT really, but in “thought.” It used to be a part of my solitude and writing. Each drag used to be a calming release into creation. Now, I try. I’ve TRIED, but AAACK, EEEEK, YUCK!


A bottle of red, smokes and my laptop, but it isn’t the same. I can’t smoke. My body rejects it.


Oh well.



I can, however, still drink.





I actually cancelled out on a few friends to lock myself away and write this tonight. It’s just something I felt. I didn’t know it was coming until I took my walk, and now, here we are.




“Like” SHARE and love.


$.10 per "like" after 865...UNTIL my birthday (Sept 25th) goes to Susan.


Is that so much to ask?????
SHOW me a WORLD I can be proud of! At least until my birthday!!! (Sept 25th) Then, you may “unlike” the Crazywheelies Fan page and go on with your life…

Put yourself in the shoes of someone in need, and think...

what would YOU want others to do?

If it was YOU I was fighting for...


How would YOU like others to act?




**Stupidity goes viral within a matter of seconds...why doesn't goodness?**








"Suprise Me!!!!"


Cara xoxoxo

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