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What happens when I decide NOT to drink...........

Aug 23, 2011

palms bier

Drank with a few friends. ONLINE. Chatting til 3 or so AM
and watching a few documentaries.
Lifestyle of a popular gypsy.

Hotels, planes and the internet.


ha ha


I hate saying that. Let's say instead:
"A person who's acquired a good number of friends."






I was good, even at dinner. First night with not even ONE D R O P.

Then, I dunno what happened.
It's the first time I made an effort to go to the market
and stock the fridge with beer.


They wouldn't leave me alone.
They kept staring at me and taunting me.

I didn't even give them time to CHILL properly.




1 beer $$ at the hotel = 1 ENTIRE $$ 6-pack almost!

I've been here 2 months.


You tally that shit up!


After this trip, I might have to start working the windows
of Amsterdam to finance my way back HOME!




Guess I was subconsciously CELEBRATING my savings?

In my defense...



I left ONE can of beer untouched.





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